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Collectible car insurance only from American National
Collectible car insurance
only from American

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Motorcycle Insurance

Americycle Program

If you're among the thousands of responsible adults who now tour American's highways and byways on two wheels instead of four, you need the protection afforded by ANPAC's AmeriCycle® Insurance Program.

With the help of motorcycle enthusiasts, ANPAC® has designed a complete program that addresses all of today's motorcycle rider's insurance needs: liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision, even uninsured motorist protection.

ANPAC's AmeriCycle® program covers the risk of owning and riding a motorcycle today. Under this program, the driver, the passenger, AND the motorcycle are all covered. What's more, coverage can be extended to include accessories such as trailers, sidecars, etc. With AmeriCycle®, anybody can be an easy rider.

  • Your policy includes up to $3,000 coverage for motorcycle accessories, and can be increased in increments up to $20,000.
  • If your motorcycle is stolen, the policy pays up to $25 per day for transportation costs up to a maximum benefit of $750.
  • Safety helmets are covered up to $500, and safety apparel up to $1,000.
  • The first $200 of the collision deductible is waived when the loss is caused by collision with another vehicle insured by ANPAC®.
  • Agreed value coverage is offered for 1970 and older cycles, with limited annual mileage. Total losses will be paid based on insured value.
  • GAP Coverage provides protection against a financial gap (difference between loan balance and actual cash value) when a vehicle is wrecked or stolen, resulting in a total loss. Limit of liability for GAP coverage shall not exceed $10,000.
  • Safe Cycle discounts for successfully completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.

Group discounts are available to members of the following groups, simply present your membership to your agent for your discount!

  • AMA - American Motorcyclist Assoc.
  • AVA - American Voyager Assoc.
  • BLUE KNIGHTS® - Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
  • BMWMOA - BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
  • CMA - Christian Motorcycle Assoc.
  • GWRRA - Gold Wing Road Rider Assoc.
  • GWTA - Gold Wing Touring Assoc.
  • HOG - Harley Owners Group®
  • HRCA - Honda Rider's Club of America
  • IBMC - Intl. Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers
  • MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation® Instructor
  • STAR - STAR Touring and Riding Assoc. -Yamaha
  • TRI - Trike Riders InternationalTM
  • VDOG - Vulcan Drifter Owners Group - Kawasaki
  • VMC - Victory Motorcycle Club
  • VROC - Vulcan Riders and Owners Club - Kawasaki
  • MTA - Motorcycle Touring Assoc.
  • WOW - Women on Wheels®
  • TLC Tri-Line Discount From ANPACSM Discount or multiple line auto/home discounts are available when you choose American National for your auto (or motorcycle), home and life coverage.

Should you have special needs, we can custom tailor a program that fits you like a pair of good riding gloves.

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